About Us

Make tools that work and focus on the customer. 


DataCan was founded in 2006 by four engineers with experience designing downhole and surface pressure gauges, permanent monitoring systems, and other downhole logging tools.


We branded ourselves as "the next generation of downhole tools..." with these principles:

1) Make tools that work. Our commitment is unwavering - crafting tools that excel. We refuse to compromise, ensuring each design is not just reliable, but flawless. Every failure is scrutinized with the urgency akin to investigating a plane crash. At DataCan, we're not about limitations; we're about solutions. DataCan Can

2) Customer Service. Guided by the timeless wisdom of "Grandpa's Ten Commandments of a Good Business," we prioritize with clarity:

a. Those in need of immediate assistance (repairs and failures).

b. Clients with active investments (production and deliverables).

c. Prospects on the horizon (Quotes, BD, R&D).

10 Commandments

3) Bump the lamp. Inspired by Disney's lamp-bumping tale, we embrace the ethos of pushing boundaries. Like the unexpected swaying lamp that revolutionized animation, we aim to surprise and delight our clients, propelling technology forward. Whether it's through groundbreaking designs or exceptional service, every team member is encouraged to "bump the lamp."

Man pulling Roger Rabbit

4) Agility and Value: Our mantra is simple - respond swiftly, act decisively, and deliver value consistently. While "fail fast" may sound harsh, we believe in the power of rapid iteration. Speed and adaptability are our cornerstones, ensuring our ability to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Men figures cannot stand must run

5) Exemplary Leadership: In the words of Casey Bechdol, "Everyone is different, just don't be a *Rick." We uphold honesty, kindness, and respect as our guiding principles. Each of us is tasked with not only leading but also nurturing our community, embodying the spirit of true leadership.


Using James’ basement, DataCan began to design and create a new line of downhole tools. We started with the 1.25” piezo memory pressure gauge and an instant close multi-cycle patented downhole shut-in tool.

Ping Pong Table


Following the shipment of our first 200 gauges to the Middle East, we developed our quartz memory gauge, and our single channel surface logger.


In 2009, we moved the ping pong shipping table and our noisy calibration system out of James' house into a small 1,500-square-foot commercial space. We also commercialized our piezo permanent system with our first installation in Syria and improved our developed the welded mechanical design for what would be our P3 line of gauges.  

2009 Commercial Space


In 2010, revenue continued to double and we created the digital chart recorder and designed geothermal flasks for our memory gauges. Permanent installations were completed in the USA and Australia. 


This year, we completed the prototype burst gauge. A high-speed sampling downhole pressure gauge designed to monitor perforation events. We also placed 230 P4 gauges into the Bakken for long term memory pressure monitoring


By now had built over 2600 total gauges with over 110 permanent gauges installed globally. We added vibration measurements to our gauges and placed our quartz memory gauges into long-term high-temperature fields including the North Sea, South Texas, and Saudi Arabia. 54 More Permanents were installed with new customers in China, Russia, Europe, and Cuba. For the first time, we didn’t double our revenue.


This year, we developed our multi-gauge permanent and wireless surface data platform adding another 46 permanent installations. We had a record quartz memory job, capturing 108 days of data at 315°F.


We introduced our multi-channel surface logger and side pocket gas lift gauges, adding 59 permanent monitoring systems.

We moved into our custom-built 15,000 sqft facility.

New Facility

DataCan purchased the Electronics division of Lee Specialties, including their 1.375” OD Production Logging Tool, Linewise depth measurement systems, and Premier logging software and acquisition system.

Lee Specialties

DataCan Lee Specialties


66 permanents were installed including our first systems in Venezuela.


61 More permanent systems installed.


In 2017, DataCan Services Corp., received its ISO 9001:2015 certification


DataCan upgraded the Lee Memory Production Logging Tool section from 150°C to 177°C. And completed our first high temperature (177°C drive) Down Hole Shut In Tool (DHSIT) job, and our first injection specific DHSIT job.

DataCan USA, Ltd is formed and begins offering local service and support out of Houston Texas.


Investment in a local service and support center in Houston is rewarded. DataCan USA, doubles its revenue in the second year of operations.


DataCan purchases DataWise Monitoring Systems Corp., a USA based corporation that focuses on the sales and installation of Exact Downhole Pressure Monitoring Systems and Fiber Optic monitoring systems in Vietnam. PT Starluck Enterprises is wholly owned by DataWise and offers similar products and services in Indonesia.

DataCan is awarded Red Deer Canada’s “2019 Business of the Year”.

2019 Business of the Year Article

DataCan adds to its product catalog and acquires the Measuring Head product line from Lee Specialties.

Press Release

DataCan USA, commits to field support service for its US land operations. Casey Bechdol brings his 20 years of downhole monitoring experience.

DataCan Truck


DCUSA purchases a 5,000 sqft commercial facility at 14237 Aston St. The facility comes with a CNC machine shop.

Machine Shop


Lisa McRae joins the DataCan team, enhancing our local sales, support, and services in Australia and Southeast Asia.

DataCan USA, successfully installs a 10-gauge multi-gauge feedthrough packer system, the highest number of DataCan permanent monitoring gauges on a single TEC wire in DataCan’s history.


This year, oil prices are rising and global demand for our products is accelerating. We released McForcey, a coil tubing-specific memory gauge that measures tension and compression. We also brought to the market an intelligent frac ball that measures pressure and temperature.


The Owners

Picture of Mark Hartwell

Mark Hartwell, President

Mark Hartwell is the President of DataCan and resides in Houston, TX, where he leads DataCan USA operations and supports local and international opportunities. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and enjoys seeing projects and products through to commercialization. He travels extensively, working with customers to continuously improve DataCan’s product performance.

“I fully understand how valuable it is to have a customer, someone who will trust you to deliver. Getting that first check from our first customer is a feeling I will never forget, and I try to ensure that everyone we deal with feels the gratitude we have in working with them.”

Picture of Brad Pound

Brad Pound, VP of Operations

Brad Pound is the Vice President of Operations for DataCan. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and has over 20 years of experience in the design of downhole electronics, systems, and packages. Brad is responsible for operations systems integration and production quality.

“We operate in a challenging market where customers are always pushing the limits of the technology. It’s a great feeling when you know your solution outperforms the others.”

Picture of James Wright

James Wright, CEO (DataCan Canada)

James Wright is the CEO, CFO, and CTO for DataCan Canada. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and has been designing downhole instruments for over 20 years. An active community participant, James is a past Board Chair for Habitat for Humanity Red Deer. James is currently taking the Executive MBA program at Haskayne School of Business in Calgary, AB.

“We have a great team here at DataCan. We enjoy and have fun creating products that contribute to our customers’ success.”

Picture of Sheldon Nadeau

Sheldon Nadeau, Director

Sheldon Nadeau is a Director of DataCan and plays a large role in Business Development and product growth. Sheldon has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering of downhole tools.

“We have a great culture at DataCan,
 where we all understand how important reliability and customer service are.”