Memory Adapter Tool (MAT)

Memory Adapter Tool (MAT)

64MB & CCL.


The Memory Adapter Tool (MAT) collects and records digital data from each sensor in a tool string. Unlike the Telemetry Tool (which transmits all data to a surface acquisition system), the memory adapter stores all data within its own, internal memory. A casing collar locater (CCL) is contained in the adapter, but a separate gamma ray is required in a tool string. The MAT tool requires a lithium battery pack in order to operate.

Memory Production Logging (MPL) is done using the MAT Job feature in the Premier Logging Suite. It is used to configure tool settings, upload and download settings and data, and manage information that is obtained from the memory adapter tool. MAT Job performs the following functions:

• Allows for configuration of the tool at surface (upload of program table, synchronization of tool and computer clocks, tool erase).
• Sets the program table, including the data acquisition rate.
• Allows tool string (sonde) selection.
• Time stamps the individual logging pass in a tabulated format.
• Retrieves data from the memory adapter tool at job completion.
• Merges time-stamped logging passes with depth and creates data files of individual passes.

  • Collects digital data from connected downhole tools
  • Lithium battery pack powers MAT and all tools in string
  • Stores data withing 64MB internal memory core
  • 1, 12.5, and 25 samples/sec recording rates per tool channel
  • Data is downloaded into a computer via USB
  • Software generates Premier Logging file
  • CCL contained within tool body
  • Perfect for use in remote or hazardous environments

    The sampling rate of the MAT tool is quick and easy to program using the Premier Logging Suite. The MAT tool allows for direct communication over a standard USB connector and has an on-board real-time clock to allow easy merging of data with depth. In case of power loss, all information is stored internally.

    Memory Adapter Tool (MAT)