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Quartz Pressure Gauge

Downhole memory pressure and temperature gauges with resonant quartz crystal sensors.

Downhole pressure gauges with a resonant quartz crystal sensor. Rated for high temperatures these tools produce the lowest drift and highest resolution and accuracy of all downhole pressure sensor options.  

Quartz Sensor Size

A quartz crystal disc is placed between two quartz crystal drums. Changes in pressure and temperature result in changes in the quartz disc’s natural frequency. 

Quartz tools will operate to temperatures above 200°C and the data will remain stable. The limiting thermal barrier for downhole quartz memory gauges is the battery cell. 

The resolution from Quartz data is 50 times greater than Piezo data (0.00006% vs 0.0003% Full Scale). 

Quartz tools are preferred for long term high-temperature jobs where derivative calculations are critical.

  • Downhole pressure and temperature measurement
  • Pressure up to 30,000 psi maximum
  • Pressure data accuracy of +/- 0.020% full scale
  • Pressure data resolution of 0.00006% full scale
  • Temperature up to 200 °C maximum
  • Temperature data accuracy of +/-0.25 °C
  • Temperature data resolution 0.005 °C
  • 8 million data sets of memory

DataCan’s quartz design maximizes the thermal response of the quartz sensor. The picture below shows the caged bullnose that DataCan uses to expose the pressure (green) and temperature (red) crystals to the wellbore. 

Quartz Sensor