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Permanent Monitoring

Real-time reservoir pressure.

Permanent Monitoring Data2Desk Mobile

Over 800+ Permanent Monitoring Systems were installed with a 97% success rate.

DataCan’s permanent monitoring systems allow users to place pressure and temperature gauges in the wellbore and, using an armoured mono-conductor cable, transmit downhole pressure data to the surface in real-time. DataCan’s permanent monitoring systems use quartz or piezo sensor technology in a highly reliable, electron beam welded, hermetically sealed gauge. These gauges are held in place using a gauge carrier and gauge protector custom designed to suit the customer’s needs. DataCan provides high or low-cost clamps and cabling solutions, as well as CSA-approved wellhead exits. DataCan’s surface box comes standard with a display, memory, and an output signal allowing you to control pumps or valves. You can also transmit collected data via a cell phone or satellite modem right to your desk. DataCan systems are designed to run on 12V and a solar power cell can be supplied if required.

Permanent monitoring systems are growing in demand. The installation of a DataCan permanent monitoring system is very simple. This simplicity leads to higher system reliability. The simplicity also helps to lower costs, lower installation times, and reduce mistakes. DataCan’s permanent monitoring system is an economical reservoir evaluation solution.


- Gas lift monitoring 
- Multi-Gauge Permanent System
- Offset well fracture diagnostics
- Monitor skin, permeability, and pressure drawdown over time
- Real-time DFIT's
- Obtain initial build-up data
- Identify reservoir connectivity
- Detect drainage or injection area changes
- Monitor well completion hardware (PCP optimization)
- Automate your reservoir optimization solutions
- Monitor SAGD, and multi-zone completions