Winch Control System

Winch Control System

The Winch Control System works with LineWise System to prevent damage to wireline by stopping the wireline winch.


The Winch Control System works with the tension measurement in LineWise to prevent overtension damage to wireline and the possibility of backspooling damage to the wireline. The user can set overtension and undertension limits and adjust these parameters on the go.

Winch Control System
  • Stops winch when exceeding overtension
  • Can be configured to stop when tension is too low (bridge or backspool)
  • User adjustable limits
  • USB connection
  • Relay or Solenoid actuation

    Prevents damage to Wireline
    Prevents damage to winch and draw works

    Contact the DataCan Sales Team for further details on Winch Control configurations for LineWise.

    Winch Control System